Friday, January 17, 2014

When God Moves

Verse of the day:
Now there was a famine in the land - besides the earlier famine of Abraham's time - and Isaac went to Abimelech king of the Philistines in Gerar. Genesis 26:1


I am in awe of God today.

First of all, I have said before that the bible character I relate to the most is Abraham. Today I did an online personality test that included historical characters the most like you in the results. Guess which historical character I'm most like?

You got it. Abraham.

I also started the Priscilla Shirer bible study Gideon today. By the way, check out her bible studies, they rock! I loved The Resolution for Women, and today's was awesome too. And she is such an entertaining speaker!

Anyway, I started Gideon. When I watch the video for the first session, Priscilla was talking about how we need to obey God and how we sometimes miss God's opportunity for us for something (she's more eloquent than that). My heart was stirred and I knew deep down what God wanted me to do, but I keep coming up against (legal) obstacles (no, God's not telling me to do something illegal. There's just a lot of red tape).

Anyway, after doing Gideon, I finally was ready to read my bible for the day. Every day I read a few chapters all over the bible - whatever I have to read for the plan I'm doing on YouVersion, whatever I have to read for the Good Morning Girls bible study, a chapter of Proverbs corresponding to whichever day of the month it is, the chapter after the last bible verse I read, and whatever chapter we're up to for the Karen Kingsbury New Testament Challenge on Facebook.

I was almost done, when turned to Genesis and came across the above verse (as you can see, it's the first verse of the chapter, so I feel as though it smacked me in the face). Suddenly, it was clear. I need to obey God. I have one more option, and although I was humming and haaaing and asking God what he wants, I was leaning towards not doing it. But today I know I am.

What are some of your experiences with God?

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