Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year!!

Verse of the day:
What's left of the people of Judah will put down roots and make a new start. Isaiah 37:31

I'm back! And so happy to be here. I've found I don't read my bible much when I don't have to, so you guys are my accountability partners.

Today is to make a new start. To forgive and forget things that have happened (within reason. It's fun reminiscing!)

A couple of people on blogs I read have decided they didn't want to do resolutions this year. I understand that - I wasn't quite sure whether I wanted to or not either! But a couple of days ago, as I sat in a cafe, God just put a few in my head. Here they are:

  1. To be more like Jesus
  2. To gain full control of my finances (I'm following Dave Ramsey!)
  3. To finish my novel by September (which I have no idea how I'm going to pull off....)
  4. To go to my first writer's conference this year, and
  5. To pray for my future husband every day
I like that at least a couple of them aren't pass/fail, so I won't feel really bad if I fail them.
Also, if God wants these things, he will help me. but if he has other plans, so be it. I'm not going to be upset because he's doing something else.

Okay, just for fun (I like to do this), the ipod shuffle quiz!!

Put Your Ipod on shuffle and write the song title:
My name is:: Endless Love
I:: Waking Up In Vegas
I love:: Firework (so true, I love fireworks!!)
I hate:: Guiding Star
I care about:: Who Are You Now
He/She:: Blown Away
My Favorite Show Is:: I Knew You Were Trouble
My Favorite Book is:: Cyclone music from The Wizard Of Oz
My Favorite Drink Is:: Never Grow Up

How Was Your:
Day:: I Can't Drive 55
Night:: Once In Royal David's City (actually describes last night accurately)
Breakfast:: Feelin So Fly
Lunch: Chicken Payback
Dinner:: Grease
Year:: Dancing In The Moonlight
Last Christmas:: This Is The Life
Last Car:: Lullaby

Describe Your...
House:: Set The world On Fire
Room:: What I Like About You
Current Outfit:: Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious
Appearance:: God Only Knows
Hair:: Prayer
Nails:: Good In Goodbye
Eyes:: All Too Well
Best Friend:: Poker Face
Mom:: Incomplete
Sister:: Christmas Time Is Here (HAHAHAHA!! if you know my sister, you know what I mean)
Brother:: Frosty The Snowman
Dad:: Silent Night
Grandparents:: Jodie Makes A Fire
Kitchen:: Thank Goodness
Current Jewelry: Out Here On My Own
Future Death:: Every Little Thing
Instant Messenger Screen Name:: Don't You Want Me
Current Bra/Undies:: I Heard Santa On The Radio
Purse/Wallet:: Only In The Movies
Current Perfume:: The Christmas Song
Boyfriend/Girlfriend:: Love Them Like Jesus
Kisses:: I Want To Be Seen With You Tonight
Hugs:: Wizard Of Oz theme
Love:: Copacabana

Where Are You?: Illusion 
What Are You Watching?: Don't Forget To Remember Me
Who Do You Love?: What This World Needs
Why Are You Still Alive?: What's Love Got To Do With It
What Color Is Your Hair?: Farewell To The Fairground
What Color Are Your Eyes?: Go-Go Godzilla
Do You believe in the Easter Bunny?: When You Love
How Much Money Do You Have?: Stories
How Many Friends Do You Have?: Cry
How Old Are You?: Sweet, Sweet Spirit
Are You Currently Wearing Socks?: Jesus Made Me Higher
When Was the Last Time You Saw Your Dad?: You're The Top
Have You ever Kissed Someone Of the Same Sex?: I Want To See Jesus
Have You Ever Watched the Sun Set?: Call Jesus When You Lose Hope
Do You Like Orange Juice?: Even When I'm Sleeping
What Color Is Your Room?: Give Them All
How Many Boyfriends/Girlfriends Have You Had This Year?: Baby It's Cold Outside
Why Are You Taking This Survey?: Stay Beautiful
Where Is Your Cell Phone?: Let's Hear It For The Boy
Do You Even Have a Cell Phone?: Wishes
When Was The Last Time It Snowed?: The Teacher's Argument
Is It Cloudy Outside?: You're Not Sorry
Do You Wear Glasses?: Soul Surfer theme
When Was The Last Time You Took A Shower?: Mother, We Just Can't Get Enough

Do You Feel...
Depressed?: This Can't Be Real
Happy?: Kingdom
Concerned?: Grease
Mad?: Dogs In The Yard
Content?: Still My God

I'm praying for you guys!!

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