Monday, December 9, 2013

Telling The Whole World

Verse of the day:
She has sent out her servants, and she calls from the highest point of the city Proverbs 9:3

If I have specific news that I'm happy about, I want to tell everybody. I'm usually simply busting to tell somebody my good news,

But I am a blabbermouth. I can't keep secrets (just to clarify, I am really good at keeping other people's secrets - I will never breathe a word - I'm just terrible at keeping my own secrets).

But this blabbermouth syndrome is not just about my mouth - it involves the online world, too. Very often I want to tell everyone what's happened, and it's too soon. I have posted things I shouldn't have on Facebook.

I am trying to keep things more to myself, and, day by day, I am. I'm learning it's just as exciting telling someone in person at the right time.

I've also been on the other end: other people have posted stuff that had me wondered why they didn't tell me, or why I wasn't invited. This can be hurtful.

So when you are reading you bible and it's talking about watching your mouth, remember: this also translates to your fingers.

Praying for you guys!

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