Monday, November 25, 2013


Verse of the day:
Like a bad tooth or a lame foot is reliance on the unfaithful in times of trouble. Proverbs 25:19

Hey guys, I'm back!!

Lately I don't seem to be as close to my main group of friends - and when I say not as close, I mean that the last time I saw them was a couple of months ago. At first I was kinda hurt that they weren't inviting me when they get together.

But yesterday, I had a breakthrough. What if God has decided to move me away from them because they're a bad influence?

These same friends taught me to drink. And the hardest night I have ever had when once I went out with them fresh out of hospital and wasn't allowed to drink, but SO wanted to.

I want to drink more when I'm with them than I do with anyone else.

It's hard not seeing them because a couple of them I have been close to since I was almost too young to remember, but I'm not not going to refuse to see them. I'm just going to consciously take a step back from them as a group. I will definitely still see them one on one and in little groups in the daytime, just maybe not consider them my 'main' friends anymore.

The other way I think this parting is from God is because it has given me a chance to rely on him and not on my friends. Yes, it's good to rely on friends. But ultimately you need to rely on God.

Also, by the way, my friend Bree's blog has featured me as Woman of the Week. Check it out here.

Praying for you guys!!

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