Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Being Real

Verse of the day:
Including a full account of his rule, his exploits, and the times through which he and Israel and the surrounding kingdoms passed. 1 Chronicles 29:30

Today I have been thinking about being real, and how I'd rather be real than hide my flaws and weaknesses from other people in order to feel or look superior. We all like to pretend we're as put together as the next person - even though no one is truly put together.

Well, I'm stopping that right now. I'm a mess. If I'm ever put together, my life's going right and I seem to be living well - making time for God, exercise, my blog, and other things I have to do, it lasts for about 1 or maybe 2 days (at a stretch). Then it all falls apart and I'm a mess again. So I think we should all stop pretending.

No matter what we do, say, or think (or don't do, say, or think), God sees. We can't hide from God, just as we can't hide from ourselves.

Part of my hope for this blog is that you guys will keep me accountable - I want to be real on this blog. That means being honest about my failures and the things I struggle with as well as my triumphs.

Thanks for allowing me to be real :-)

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