Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Running Ahead Of God

Verse of the day:
Like a lame man's limbs that hang limp is a proverb in the mouth of a fool. Proverbs 26:7

Not much has happened today - very little to blog about. I was home all day researching for something. However, I know I need to tell myself sometimes (especially on days like today) not to run ahead of God.

For example, I want to live in the US for a year (at least) ASAP - I feel like this is God's short-term plan for me. However, I'm researching different options, and I need to tell myself to pray about it.

 For example, if I get offered a job in the US, I need to pray and make sure it's the right one before I go crazy and prepare to move. Or, if I think studying over there might work, I should pray about it and ask God what his plan is before researching every college I can think of.

Anyway, just wanted to remind everyone of that.

I'm praying for you!!

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